In 1996, automotive security took a giant leap forward, Ford and BMW started using transponders in the head of the key to deliver a pin code to the computer, without the code the car will not start. By 2000 most brands sold in North America have transponders in the keys.
It is both good and bad, cars are more secure than ever before but the keys are expensive and lost keys are a real problem. Dealer replacement of lost master keys on some brands can even require that the car's computer be replaced, even if you still have the valet key. We can reflash the CPU or clone the valet key on many of these cars to make a new key for a fraction of what the dealer charges for a replacement CPU. 
Several brands do not allow any more keys to be made, ever. BMW, Mercedes and a few others make all the keys when the car is made and replacements must be ordered thru the dealer until the supply is used up at which time the computer must be replaced to start on a new set of keys.
We have all the latest tools and software to copy or replace most keys, remotes, remote head keys or prox fobs.

The key is OK but the shell is broken?
We stock new shells for remote head keys.
Like new in minutes!

Yes! Keys like these, with or
without remotes, can be copied for most cars in minutes at our booth at PCH at Artesia in Hermosa Beach!
  State Locksmith License # LCO740 AND #LCO 3286      STATE CONTRACTORS LICENSE #559654
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High Security Car Keys

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